cropped-logo.jpgThe beginning of my licorice loving life may have been directly related to the fact my two next older siblings wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Not all kind loving people like licorice, but many do.   Needless to say on Halloween I would end up with a pile of good and plenty and wax mustaches having had a raucous trading session where everyone ended up with what we wanted.  At Easter time, I had the pile of black jelly beans.   I never really liked the fact your whole mouth turned black when you ate one, even though it grossed my sister out.

I now live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world and seem to have gathered a bunch of licorice loving friends.  Some I play music with, some I uphill ski with, some I sew with, some I bike with, all I laugh with.  Licorice is an excellent choice for a treat for most every occasion, and chocolate is a bonus most everyone likes.  The combination of licorice and dark chocolate is devine.  Luckily for us we have a mecca for black licorice, Hummingbird Treats, in Arlee, Montana.  From my front door to their’s is by far and away the most beautiful 100 mile drive on this continent.  For well over two decades Hummingbird Treats sells large amounts of licorice.  They boast on a couple strategically placed billboards, 60 different kinds of black licorice.  A place like that keeps your chops up.  I couldn’t help but wonder what was in this addiction of mine? Could I make some that tasted great and didn’t stick to my teeth so wickedly?

I have always been one of those folks who has to try making it, whatever it is, myself.  Sewing, baking, fermenting, felting, dying, drying, are well integrated into my life, (not without some failed experiments).  This licorice endeavor is proving to be a rewarding road less traveled.  When I began there were no, not one, recipe for black licorice on the world wide web.  With all of my experiments combining the ingredients listed on the packages of my favorite licorice, I am still baffled as to how they achieve the stick in your teeth texture and the black color.  Mixing and melding batch after batch, sharing the product with my curious licorice loving friends, the overwhelming response was, “this tastes fantastic but it looks like poo”.   It is true, but after researching options everyone agrees sticky black is not worth it.   The name didn’t come right away but I love it, the word and the fact I don’t have to come up with a spendy shape or chemical induced color.

As for the chocolate and licorice combination, it is not unique but rare in this country. It has been manifesting itself in the bottom of my snack bag for years.   The flavors compliment each other brilliantly don’t you think?  It gives you the boost you need to make it through that last hour, up that last mile, ou might be headed.  Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  ENJOY


Skatz licorice has been a product in the works for years.  A licorice lover from way back, tired of chemicals and dyes where they don’t need to be involved, began experimenting with natural ingredients.

Also available “Bare” SKATZ, without chocolate coating, just the delicious licorice

We are developing a gluten free SKATZ as well, if you have any ideas for that one please let me know, rice flour isn’t it    …. more to come…